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WEBS-CL-25-S2 Talk-A-Phone WEBS Contact S 25 Device License 2 Year Contract

  • One-click Notification Profiles can be customized to send different audible or visual messages to different parts of a community depending on their vicinity to an emergency event
  • Page, send visual alerts or event alerts to specific units, groups of units, or all-at-once
  • Automatically verify all devices on the WEBS network and audit events and actions of the system
  • Access WEBS Contact server using a standard Web browser
  • Send pre-recorded or live audio broadcasts to any VOIP-500 Series Phone, Paging Unit, WEBS Tower, WEBS Wall Mount, or High Power Speaker Arrays manually or automatically on schedule
  • Send visual alerts through LED Signage, Blue Lights, SMS, Email, and RSS
  • Create a virtually unlimited number of Notification Profiles, e.g. Intruder in Zone 1, Fire in Zone 5, Chemical Spill in Building 3A, Perimeter Breach, etc.
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Product Details

WEBS Contact is the Mass Notification software that utilizes an integrated multi-layer approach to contact a population of any size with site-specific instructions through a variety of notification mediums.
The WEBS Contact software resides on a dedicated server that can be located on an existing LAN infrastructure or a dedicated network. Emergency Response personnel can securely access the WEBS Contact server from any PC or a compliant Handheld or Smartphone using a standard Web browser and issue live or prerecorded audio and visual alerts or execute Notification Profiles.
A Notification Profile is a set of communication instructions which can be granulated down to each individual device on the network. If an emergency situation takes place, various groups of people can be given individual instructions - those requiring assistance or in danger can be instructed as to what action they should take right now, while the Emergency Response personnel can be constantly updated regarding the situation.


Server Requirements

  • Hardware - Minimum 2.0GHz x64 (64-bit) processor, 6.0GB RAM, 80GB hard disk space
  • Operating System - Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Client Requirements

  • Hardware - Minimum 1.0GHz x86 (32-bit) processor, 2.0GB RAM, 40GB hard disk space
  • Operating System - Windows XP Professional Edition (32-bit)
  • Software - Firefox 3.5 or higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher with JavaScript, Java Runtime Environment 1.6.0_11 or higher, Java Media Framework 2.1.1e

WEBS-CL-25-S2 Specifications PDF

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